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Project Description
Abstracted design pattern for running a windows service interactively. Implemented as a base class to replace ServiceBase it will automatically provide a controler UI with taskbar icon and console when run directly (ie not as a service).

Current version features:

  • When run as a service, behaves like normal ServiceBase class
  • Auto switch to Interactive mode (ie run from commandline or in visual studio debugger)
  • Taskbar icon & Menu
  • Start / Stop
  • View Console (also attaches console tracer for Trace.Write)
  • Command line options:
    • -install (installs service)
    • -uninstall (uninstalls service)
    • -console (starts with console visible)

Planned future features :

  • Automatically load dependancies
  • Configuration UI for app.config (s)
  • Detect installed instance of same service and allow control of it
  • Service Installer menu option

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